16 mars 2008

Great sailing moment with Foilers in DUBAI (UAE)

Boats at Dubai Offshore Sailing Club before sailing.

Rohan adding Race partner sticker on Sam's mainsail.

Since I did my first International Moth's photo ( for Voiles & Voiliers - FRA) in 2005 , I have to do and do again photos of these so special boats. It was  the goal of my trip in Dubai.
Moth foilers are very interesting boats. 
First time you see a Moth FLYING  it's magic. 
You don't realize but there is no noise! 
Only the two blades cutting the water ( Dagger-board and Rudder).
On my website you will find many images of Moth Foilers.
I would like to thanks sailors. One more time they helped me so much in my job. That class is so enthusiastic, and always ready to go sailing to do images. Not surprising that there is more  and more Moth flying. It's contagious.
I have special thanks for Chris  who came to pick me at the airport , even it was 23:00 and to Froud family , Lindsey and Roy who gave me a room and a so nice welcome during that week in Dubai.
Racing was organise at Dubai Offshore sailing Club. What a perfect spot. Great ambiance, great food, you feel like an UK Sailing club.
Always great to see a club promoting Youth sailing as they do.

Bora on his Bladerider from water level.

on Second day , it was windy, (12/15 knots NW). an attempt to bit Rohan Veal's Record around the "WORLD" was plan. we left early and 3 boats took part of that attempt.
Sam England (AUS), Bora Gulari (USA) and local Chris Graham (UAE).
Rohan Veal (AUS) was my rib driver. When we arrived at NW point of the World  swell was big for these dinghies. between 1.5m and 2m and not always organize sea.

Sam at North West point of the "WORLD" in 2m swell.

The WORLD in Dubai ©Nakheel (more info)

With the rib we did a stop to do some photos of Moth in swell and had a hard time to catch up.
Chris did a piece on that day on his blog.
In the afternoon, after a nice lunch at the club, I did a cool photoshoot for Musto Australia with Rohan and Moth sailors (Gybe, etc...) in  a good light.

In Dubai it's not possible to do a serious photo before 16:00. Sky look always white and light is very hard.
One more time it have been a great pleasure to photograph these sailors on their crazy flying boats. For sure I will be in Weymouth (UK) for 2008 World. 
I missed 2007 World as I was in Valencia shooting America's Cup 2007.

First "flight" for Nick Froud (12 years old)

10 second between  2 photos.

Hard to go back to Optimist after this !!??

Want more info on Moth Foilers?? here are some links:

Dubai RC44 Cup

During the week in Dubai I did few days at Dubai RCC44 Cup. I did Like it.  
I was cool to be with some friends as Bernard, APP guys and  many AC Sailors. 
Nice boat and all sailors enjoyed it.

Dubai RC44 Cup, during last racing day:
onboard "Team Hiroshi-Citta di Milano" winning boat .

6 mars 2008

Busy in Dubai....

I am in Dubai , shooting Moth Foiler and also Dubai RC44 Cup.
Will be back in Europe on Sunday 9th so I will do my best to write more later.