17 août 2008

New gallery , in Locmariaquer.

New step for me. 
After 13 years based in Locmariaquer I decided to move to a new step.
I have now my own gallery / office which is next to church and port (easy to find).
It took me a long time  to decide and set up my new base. I did not wanted to move out of Locmariaquer. Small village by the Golfe du Morbihan, I really feel home there when I come back from anywhere on the planet.
Beginning of August I have openned and moved in a new office with window.
It's now possible for me to show some different photos that the one published in magazines.
Underwater photo, Cities by night, Birds, and non sponsored boats.
Photos are print on high quality printer, on canvas or paper ( on aluminium)
If you pass by Britanny, come to Locmariaquer. Gallery is open when we work in office.
As I spend a lot of time "on the road" you will probably meet Anne , my great assistant.