2 mai 2008

Antigua, London...

I had a good time ( a bit short) in Antigua for Classic Week. 
these boats a great for photos. Only 2 J Class, but it was magic for images.
I had booked heli for last day of racing ( you need to book long time in advance) and have not been lucky.
It have been heavy rain all night before, and until 10.30 in morning. 
Amory the kid was with me, and we decied to cancel flight , waiting the last minute , in case weather have quickly change. 

Onne onboard J-Class "Velsheda" 

Night before I had diner with 2 great friends photographers , Rick  and Onne.
And guess what photographers speak about during diner ? Photography and cameras off course. 
Pizza was very good , and company very nice. 

"SUGABABES" with Tower Bridge and umbrella

On 29 April I was in London for BT Open 60' launch . funny time to chnage cap and become a "people" photographer. English girls band "SUGABES" was there to sing on board boat as the open 60' was motoring under Tower Bridge. 
Before we had an photo oportunity . 
25 UK photographers were there. To be honest I have been very impress by the way they are organise. Normally in that kind of shoot, it's a war. like a rudgy game. Not at all now. One of them take all press card of photographers and do one after one take one of his pocket , give it back to the photographer who go to choose where he will stand to do the job. Very good and very impressive. It was far from that system in Spain...
Result: every body do a good job. BRAVO!

Ellen and media....

Tomorrow I will spend some time with 2006 Moth World Champion Si Payne , to do some more Moth foiler photos....in Hayling Island Sailing Club. 
2008 World is coming. I'll be there! Can not miss that.

Still on the road... as always!

Today I had experienced one more time , English road system... 
I know it's a long week end, but as always it was traffic jam. 
I love UK, and I have spent a year in Cowes on Isle of Wight but for my point of view there is 2 problem in that country:
Trains and roads systems.
Or, we are very lucky in France to have so great roads, and on time trains.
Anyway, my feeling is that UK is loosing a lot in energy, fuel, and time because of that so poor roads network. 
How many hours lost in traffic jam ? How much extra pollution ? How much money  the country pay for that? ( Workers time lost in traffic) how much it's the extra price to carry merchandise  between big cities?
On monday I will have to drive from Southampton to Plymouth , my plan is to go on the road not too late, so I could take it easy. There is 370 kms, it should take me 5 hours... Yes 5 hours. in France it take me less of that, to do Locmariaquer / Paris ( 500kms)
Positive thing is that SUN is back!

1 mai 2008

Back on the road again...

After Dubai week shoot, I have been for some time in office , editing  and preparing next reports.
Logistic is a big part of organizing my job. I am very lucky to have Anne my assistant who is not much travelling, but become an expert in European Airline timetable and all crazy thing happening when you are working with somebody like me who spend more days out of France than in Office.
Last trip to Miami ( Star Worlds and Farr 40 world) with a following trip to Antigua ( Antigua Classic Week) did not have been an easy one.
For me the Miami to Antigua ( I did it with "Amory the Kid") turn to a nightmare.
Things happen some time, but for sure you can not trust any more Airline companies. You pay you ticket 2 months in advance and when your trip start you become hostage of the company.
Any thing happen it's never there fault...
All travellers know that, but my feeling is , that's becoming harder and harder to travel. 
Just imagine what it is evry time I check in with 40 to 45 Kgs of luggages, and a photo bag around 15/17 kgs, plus a 600mn lenses on my shoulder. Sometime I pay more excess luggages than flight ticket...( why don't we get airmiles for excess , I could double my airmiles like that!)
To do short, AA flight in Miami was late, missed connexion in San Juan, arrived in Antigua at 22:30 but without luggages, and on top I lost my French mobile phone in San Juan. There is better trip. Trip back from Antigua to home took me 27 hours door to door.

Yann Elies...Lorient 7 April.

On 7 April I did a studio photo shoot in Lorient (FRA) with Yann Elies , skipper of "GENERALI".  
Nice time! and allways make me happy to work with nice and cool people. I did that as part of Sea&Co photographer. Gilles Martin Raget is "GENERALI" but it's happen some time 

After I have been in UK for a shoot with "BT" Xtrem 40 in Weymouth. in one day we did , onboard , from rib and from the air ! and with some luck we had all day a good weather.

BT Xtrem 40 in Weymouth

More tomorrow....