19 déc. 2007

CUBA....first trip there.

Trinidad- Cuba, on the way to school...

It's always very interesting to visit a new country. With Cuba, it's magic!
Big mixed feeling, in a big island. 2 weeks travelling by car on cuban roads is an experience.
as always I feel much more confortable on the sea side than in big city. 
Havana have been my start and end of trip. my favorite place is Trinidad. but evry where you go, people are nice and I never felt bad.
I did a lot of images . It will take me, many hours of editing now.

If there is a place on earth ,where you still can find a remote long white sand beach with no one around,it's Cuba.
Cuban are very nice people and the country have a great heritage.
Actual situation is not the most confortable for Cuban, but they still smile and give you a great welcome.
Thanks to Ernesto ( In Havana) and Segundo ( in Vinales).

View of  Trinidad - Cuba.

1 déc. 2007

London Boat Show, The other one...

Earls Court London Boat Show, 1st Dec 2007 

As I am flying to Cuba tomorrow ( 2nd Dec) from London Gatewick, I came to London one day early to have a tour and see some friends at the London boat show.

Sally Collisson on her stand.

I came to Earls Court for the boat show many years ago, and have been to the new venue Excel. Earls Court is easier to get to , but it's still a small boat show ( Excel is a small one too). 
I should have been at the Paris boat show ( which started  yesterday) but I don't like being   in big cities very much, since I left Paris 14 years ago. The only big cities I could stay more than 3 days  in are Sydney (AUS) and Auckland (NZL). Not such big towns. 
I am curious so I can go in a big city to have a feeling how what it is, but after 3 days I need to go. So tomorrow I go to CUBA and will be back before Chritsmas. Hope to do lot of images, and want to do some diving there ( which is apparently a great place without too many divers for now).I have never been there. I am sure it will be a great experience.

Chris and Kos

Rick Tomlinson and his sister.

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