12 mars 2010

Photo shoot on reserve day at 2010 Moth Worlds in Dubai.

On Friday 11th March, as reserve day was a lay day, I did organise a photo shoot with some Moth sailors.
2010 Moth Worlds started on 8th and will finish on 15th.
We met around 15.45 at buttom of "The World" just off Dubai Offshore Sailing Club.
Bora Gulari , view from my camera...

4 sailors came. Bora Gulari (USA), Simon Payne (GBR) Arnaud Psarogaghis (SUI) and Jean-Pierre Ziegert (SUI).
I did stay around 40mn in water with these 4 crazy sailors turning around my camera (Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II in Seacam housing , 16/35mn with a dome), light was nice, enough wind for them to fly and play.

photo made by Bora's father

We had good time, but if you want to try that you need very good moth sailors. under the boat you have two foils...I was confident, these guys are Top Pilots!
I decided not to put these images for now on my website.Last month a magazine decided not to publish photos of Jeremie Eloy ( Kite surfer in storm, previous post) because photos have been on internet.

That's a big question, is internet helping photographer or killing the business?
I do not have an answer.
No website pay for photos, without photos they will be different, and not very exiting. So should we provide ©Free photos ? what do we get in return of our job? ...equipment is not free!

It's more than a week I am now in Dubai for 2010 PUMA Moth Worlds. That class is great, nice good looking boats, great sailors. On top organisation here at Dubai Offshore Sailing Club is very good. Many volunteers, nice people.
That's club have put up the standard of welcoming Moth Wolrds.

We will see next year in January, if Australian can do better.

Few more days in sun before going back to cold Europe.