15 févr. 2010

33AC logo... nice one!

America's Cup on display , on stage before presentation ceremony

So, 33rd America's Cup is now over. We saw two fantastic maxi multihull, and USA 17 is for me a must in high tech sailing. Multihull are very fast machines.
Valencia consorcio did an amazing job. Media center have been set up in 3 days.
Logo of 33 AC is a beauty.
Organisation on shore have been very good and helpful for all media.
The presentation of The Cup to GGYC and BMW ORACLE Racing team have been nice and well done. Not easy to organise this event by night.
As photographer we had some issues on the water. The race committee who set up rules , even for media and photo boats positions, had made or life very hard.
I do multihull photos since a long time as in France we had many of these great boats. I understand that safety is important , we never have to be actors on the water , we never have to disturb racing. We are only witness.
But as witness or job is to report , and to show sailors in action. I do not think it was possible to do a single photo of a sailor during Race 1 and Race 2. at mark 2 on Race 2 we have been asked to be at 800 meters from the mark ( what can you expect to photograph, even with 840mm lenses as I do ?) at that distance, you are not able to read what it's write on the mark! It is simply ridiculous.
Saftey is priority, but I do not think that should be an excuse to push us so far away from action. We respect sailors and by our images we are totaly part of the sailing world.
Race commitee should take care more about the way we work, and speak with us.
Let see , how next Cup organisation will understand our job.

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Unknown a dit…

That is why I left a day early...:-)

Daniela a dit…

Dommage parce que celle de l'helico @ race one are really spectacular. Well done anyway, indeed.