14 févr. 2010

cold job! but cool photos

Photo ©Carlo Borlenghi with my Canon G10

Valencia, 33AC, Race 1.
It's not often I publish photo of myself, but just to show how cold it was in helicopter during race 1 on 12th Feb in Valencia.
4 hours in 2°C, with transit at 100 knots doors open, I can tell you it's not very cool , but very cold. I had thermal underwear on, and 2 fleeces plus weather gear jacket, hat and gloves , and I was still cold.
Our job is a great one, but not always glamour as people think.

Going on water soon for I hope race 2.

2 commentaires:

Proust Sailing Team a dit…

fait pas chaud...

Unknown a dit…

trop sexy mon papa comme ça!! :p